بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


SOS caters to the special needs of single, divorced and widowed women living, studying and working abroad. We also offer help to married women seeking to make Hijrah – more than likely alone at first – and married women living abroad whose husbands must travel leaving them and their children for an undetermined amount of time.

He who emigrates (from his home) in the Cause of Allaah, will find on earth many dwelling places and plenty to live by. And whosoever leaves his home as an emigrant unto Allaah and His Messenger, and death overtakes him, his reward is then surely incumbent upon Allaah. And Allaah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
{Sooratun Nisaa 4:100}

وصلى الله وسلم على نبينا محمد


42 thoughts on “About

  1. Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem,
    Alhamdulillaah alaa quli hal, May Allaah aid those who overseas and keep them firm and strong upon the good that they are upon aameen.

    I was once overseas for about 3 years and due to finances my family and I had to return, which was very sad for us, I very much want to return to Yemen, if not there, then in Sa’oodiyyah, where the people are noticed to be muslims and the ilm is easy to come by, (the correct ilm that is). I pray to one day (very soon) to come back and may Allaah make it easy upon me and all those who desire the same aameen. I know that sometimes you have to deal with what you have to deal with in the lands of the kuffaar, but I can’t take it especially where i live Maashaa’Allaah Tabarakullaah . But I am continuing to be patient and doing what I am suppose to do to the best of my ability for the sake of Allaah ta’aalaa, until He aza wa jall, removes my family and I from here, plz make du’a for us ya aakhawaat

  2. May Allaahu ta’ala make it easy for u and ur family ukhti U r n my Duaa! And I too look forward from benefiting from this site!

  3. asalamualiki warahma tullahi wabaraka tuhu sis.

    jazaki Allahu khayran for making this blog to help us out.

    i really wish to move but my father won’t leave me there alone b/c he heard many bad treatment matters by people in the area, i.e. bad dealings and unsuitable business dealing etc, so my father doesn’t think it is safe enough to leave me in makkah or even in madinah alone to study there.

    i really wish i could convince him, i really wish to go and he really wishes that i study in my Deen but there isn’t any salafi places around.

    do you think there would be any safe place to stay in makkah or madinah near haram or annabawee masjid and also be admitted to a school there and study inshaaAllah.

  4. As salaamu Alaykunna akhawaati,
    May Allah bless us all to have strong eman and be constant in his worship ameen.

    I am truly loving the idea of this website and I hope to gain very beneficial inside details with regards to making hijrah. It is nothing like having a game plan and being prepared.

    BarakaAllahu feekunnah.

  5. Hayyaakillaah yaa ukht Nusaybah. May Allaah allow you to return to the land of the Muslimeen and give you what’s best for your wordly and religious affiars, aameen.

    Jazaakumallaahu khairal jazaa yaa ukht Ameenah and the anonymous sister (smiles).

    Aameen wa iyyaaki ukht Thuriayaa. This is something that we can only pray for. It would be a ni’mah indeed. May Allaah make it easy for you to study and benefit.

    Wa feeki baarakallaah yaa Umm Ismail. We appreciate your ad’iyyah and look forward to your participation.

    Was salaamu ‘alaikunna wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.
    SOS Admin

  6. Asalamualiki warahmatullahi wabaraka tuhu,
    May Allah reward you who help sisters to overcome their problems.
    Sister I am one such person who is looking forward to do hijrah to KSA.
    I am presently doing my Tesol course and shortly within a month inshallah I will be ready with my certificate.I would seek your assistance further.

  7. as salaamu alaikunna wa rahmatullaahi wa baarakaatuh,

    ma shaa Allah, ta baarok Allah. May Allah allow your blog to be beneficial to the muhaajiraat. I too have spent some time in the muslim lands and due to being alone and not having sufficient funds I was compelled to return to baladul kufr, Allahu musta’aan.

    I am currently pursuing an education degree with a university here and hope that Allah will facilitate for me a hijrah. At this point it seems likely that I will be leaving on my own and Allah knows best, hence your website to offer sisters support and information is ideal, ma shaa Allah.

    I look forward to being a regular. *smiles*

    Baarak Allahu feekunna.

    Ummu Abdillaah

  8. Wa ‘alaikumus salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Your du’aa is very much appreciated! May Allaah grant you success in your studies and make it easy for you to return to the land of the Muslimeen, aameen. Keep us updated on your progress, In Shaa Allaah.

    Wa feeki baarakallaah.
    SOS Admin

  9. Barakallaahu feekunna sisters with such a site that directs the people towards making hijrah. Truly Allaah is merciful and may He facilitate a way for all of us to reside in the land of Tawheed and strenghten us to be upon good ameen. It’s not an easy task to accomplish but with patients and resilience it is attainable. May Allaah shower His blessing up all of us ameen. If you need any assistance with making this move please feel free to ask, I am ready and willing to aid in any good.

    Umm Tasneem
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  10. As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I’m studying Midwifery coarse and insha allah ta’allah serve and aid my sisters in prenatal, and postpartum as well as doing birth.Insha allah i want to make hijrah in the land of tawheed after my study.

  11. Wa ‘alaikumus salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Excellent field! May Allaah grant you success in your studies and bless you for wanting to aide the Muslimaat, aameen.

    Midwifery, natural childbirth, etc. is catching on here in Saudi Arabia. In Shaa Allaah the door to hijrah will open for you.

    Billaahit tawfeeq.

  12. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

    رمضان كريم أيها الأخوات الفضيلات

    نشكركن لهذه المبادرة النافعة و أسأل الله ان يتقبل هذه الحسنة

    انا أعرف أخت في الله متسلمة إلى الإسلام بحمد الله و أصلها فرنسية

    إنها غير متزوجة و لها ثلاثة أبناء و ترغب الهجرة لتحفيظهم من الكفر و الشر

    هل ممكن ان تساعدنها من فضلكم ؟

    بارك ألله فيكن لإهتمامكن علي رسالتي

    جزاكن الله خير الجزاء

  13. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Baarakallaahu feeki yaa ukhta.

    Please have her E-mail us at SOS Help Blog @ Gmail dot Com. We have a few questions for her and a possible job In Shaa Allaah. We’re also working on help services for sisters outside the Kingdom bi idhnillaah.

    And with Allaah lies all success.

  14. Assalam aleyki wa rahmatulah .

    I hope that you and your family are fine ukhti filah . I’m the sister Assia Bint AbderRahman ; I’m very very very sorry for this long time but I never saw your message subhnalah ! kheyran ; I’f it’s always ok I email you bidhnilah . Jazakilahi kheyran for your help ; May alah bless you .

  15. Asalaamwa’Alaikuii Warahmatulah, I’m new to this site as well, and I look forward to meeting new sister’s. I use to live in Egypt and I long to go back there or any Islamic country. May Allah grant all of us who has the desire to make Hijrah from this land of Kuff, Aameen. Masalaams

  16. Salaamalaykum I am studying now in a 2 yrs course to get my early childhood development associate degree inshaALLAH so I can make hijah soon please send me any materials that can help I just started they April in my studies and inshaALLAH hope to be finish April 2014 or before

  17. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. We’ll post some tips for you In Shaa Allaah. May Allaah grant you success, aameen!

  18. Assalamu Aleikum warahmatullah

    SubhannaAllah I am so glad to find this site just the right time as I was thinking to make Hijra from this land of infidels. Can you explain to me ukhi how you help thru this process inshaAllah.

  19. Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh dear sister. We can’t help with actually bringing sisters over except by posting employment opportunities and making du’aa. For those that are here, we have a few things planned, Wa Lillaahil Hamd. We’ll mention them on the homepage after ‘Eid al Fitr, In Shaa Allaah.

    Wa Billaahit Tawfeeq.

    • salaamualaykum warahmatullah, InshaALLAH wanting to know what type of job opportunitys are available for me I have own my own business in healthcare, also have a certificate for sub teaching,. I did ck out some jobs online in abu dhabi teaching positions , which required a bachlor degree, I also have a accounting certificate. I am thinking about very hard with enrolling in a bachlor degree program, but was wondering if I can still get a job and pursue my career in getting a bachlor degree while working in the education field in abu dhabi and still be able to maintain until I am able to complete that degree.So I have many fields I can work in InshaALLAH, but not sure were I should start my whole focus is to get over there my husband son & me, Can u please tell me were u think I should start, I see very nice package for teaching but u have to have a bachelor degree.
      Shukran for all the help and infor u can provide.
      Barakallaahu feekunna

  20. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Is there an email on which I can reach the admin of this site? I can’t find a “contact us” link or tab on the website.

    May Allah bless you all.


  21. asalamualaykum ukhti … i emailed you a few times but maybe i have the wrong email? i hope you received it inshallaah and hope to hear back from you! could you please email me at my email incase you didnt receive my emails…? barakallaahu feeki!

  22. As-Salamu’alaykunna waRamatullahi wa bArakaatu. Barak Allahu feekum. I was wondering if you can direct me towards any reliable information on life abroad and requirements to be able to travel there, obtain employment, visa/study, inshaAllah, barakAllahu feekum wa JazakAllahu khayrin, Alhamdulillah— Wafiyyah Ummjumaanah

  23. Wa ‘alaikmus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh yaa ukhtee. This thread should answer some of your questions In Shaa Allaah. We’re trying to network, research and compile something comprehensive for you all, bi idhnillaah. And with Allaah lies all success.

    Wa feeki baarakallaah.

  24. As salaamu alayki sisters how is everyone? What have yall beauties been up to ? No activity on the blog I’m just wondering why? May Allaah allow you all to be in the best of health and the best highest state of worship Ameen.

    • Wa alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh dear sister. Work, running a household amongst other things have all us a bit preoccupied. We praise Allaah in all situations nonetheless. You checking up on everyone made us smile, baarakallaahu feeki.

      Your du’aa is very much appreciated…please know that. May Allaah bless you with the same!

  25. with allaah peace shall be with you ulm….., am from nigeria and i like arabic spoken as i love to hear as a language, which named by alaau subbuanou wa’taala. i want to come to holy land learn, study, speak and teach others inshallahu

  26. Anyone heading to Salman University in Kharj to work? Was meant to go to PNU, but change of plan. Could do with a lot of help please!

  27. Assalamo Alaikom w.b.

    I am Ms. SAAWIYA D. CANDIDATO, A Bachelor of Secondary Education Graduate of Mindanao State University. I had been experience to be a teacher at all levels of education here in Philippines. I had been an elementary teacher,a secondary teacher and a current faculty college instructor.Like others I want to apply in your respected university.I even sorted out my passport or any pertaining papers of applying.Now, I want to know if there is still a possibility for me to be accommodate in the said university.

    I am very much waiting for any reply.


  28. Asalamu Aleikum,

    I also work at PNU. I’m looking for arabic and quran classes do you know if pnu provide this? Or is there anything close to PNU?

  29. Assalam oualeikoum. I’m a french muslim sister. I would like to apply in Princess Noura University in order to learn arabic first and then if Allah allows me I would like to pursue a degree there in islamic studies . I’m going to get married this summer incha’Allah. I know that it’s difficult to enter this university, and that I have one chance in a million to be accepted but because I’m going to get married, I’m wondering if my future husband will be able to join me. So if there is anyone here who have already been in the same situation, I will be very grateful for the help you can provide. I will only apply if i’m 100 percent sure that my future husband will have the ability to join me .
    I have also a lot of questions about the application itself and all the terms of admission and documents that a person have to provide.
    This is my email adress if any sister have some information or is already teaching or studying there , do not hesitate to contact me: sarounete07@hotmail.fr
    sorry for my english, it’s been a long time, I did not practice !!!

  30. I am a muslim sister in distress pleading for help to migrate to another state for me and my 2 kids safety. Im putting my phone number out here as well 702-542-5179 im sister Majeedah your responses and duas and concerns are greatly appreciated in advance Masha’Allah. Your duas are needed for our safety and relief from being opressed in a home of fitnah and kufars.

    • Sister Majeedah, may Allaah ease your affairs, aameen. I may be able to help you find employment/relocate. Please email me In Shaa Allaah at Haneefah Al Amreekiyyah at Gmail dot com (no spaces).

      Jazaakillaahu khair.

  31. Salam alaikoum warahmatoulah wabarakatouh,

    I am looking forward to making hijrah to KSA may Allah facilitate.. I would like to know are there any salafi sister forum for sisters in the Kingdom.. it would be so nice to have a support system.. barakallah fiki..

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